Applying as an International Masters Graduate

In order to apply to Ontario as an international Masters graduate in Ontario, students must:

  • Intend to live and work in Ontario.
  • Have graduated from an existing Masters program at an eligible publicly funded university in Ontario.
  • Have completed a minimum of one academic year degree program, while studying on a full-time basis.
  • Apply within two years of the date on which their Masters degree was granted, or in the alternative, during the last semester of completing their degree.
  • Currently be residing in Ontario.
  • Have legal status in Canada (i.e. study permit, work permit, temporary resident visa).
  • Prove high official language proficiency IELTS with a minimum of 7 or higher band
  • Show a minimum level of savings/income to support themselves.
  • Prove at least one year of residence in Ontario in the past two years.
  • Not have further studies as their main activity in the province.

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