The Saudi Arabian Kingdom

Independent monarchy in Asia with 24.9 million inhabitants (2005 estimate), covering a total area of 2,240,000 km² and divided into 13 provinces. The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, situated in the interior and very centre of the country

About 5.8 million non-nationals also live in Saudi Arabia, making up 23% of the population. Saudi Arabia is by no means a democracy; power rests with the royal family. Several princes have great influence on politics of the nation, 5 out of 7 ministers of state are princes.

Immigration to CanadaAlmost all of Saudi Arabia consists of semi-desert and desert with oases, where half of the total surface is uninhabitable desert. All over the country there is very little rain.

Most of the western parts of Saudi Arabia are plateau; the east is lowland, with very hot climate. The southwest has mountains. This area also has the greenest and freshest climate in the entire country.

Most of Saudi Arabia's population is Arabs, a large minority is Bedouins. Nearly a quarter of the population is non-nationals, and Saudi Arabia has no policy of granting citizenship.

That is the main reason Non – Saudi likes to migrate to Western countries, so they can provide good education to their children and have citizenship rights. Many professionals such as doctors, nurses and engineers are applying for Canadian immigration leading to Canadian citizenship and passport

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