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The Immigrant Investor Program was created by the Government of Canada to offer qualified business people from around the world a simple way of immigrating to Canada. There are changes made by Canadian govt. is this category in June 2010.

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Business People - Investor Visa

Canada welcomes successful business people seeking Canadian permanent immigration. Business immigrants represent nearly 10% of all immigrants who come to Canada.

To be eligible the applicant must;

  • have legally accumulated net-worth exceeding Canadian $1.6 million.

  • have minimum of three years of business management experience.

  • deposit Canadian $800,000 with the Government of Canada for five years. The total money is refunded back after 5 years without any interest. If you do not wish to block your $ 800,000, loan option is available.

  • fluency in English or French is not required under this program.

Family gets the permanent residency to Canada leading to Canadian Citizenship and Passport.

If your net-worth is less than $1.6 million but it is more than $350,000, you may be eligible for one of the provincial business program.

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