Visitor Visa

If you have applied for a visitor visa to Canada and it was refused. You are not sure what will happen, if you apply again, would it be refused again or approved. Canreach can Assist.

When processing any visa application, Canadian Visa Offices use an electronic system to gather and update applicant’s information, as well as to make notes on the status of an applications progress.

In addition to recording all of the information that you provided with your application, your file will also contain notes entered by the visa officers who have reviewed your file, which often include such things as which documents remain outstanding, why the visa officer was not convince and why your visitor visa was refused.

Canreach has many years of Canadian immigration experience and have assisted thousands in the process of applying for temporary or permanent immigration. If you are interested to seek assistance, we can order a report on your behalf which will tell us why your visitor visa was refused then we will prepare your file to address all the concerns of the visa officer.

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