In order to be eligible under the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream the Applicant must :

a) Have legally accumulated net-worth exceeding C $ 600,000 anywhere in the world. (Net-worth means, properties, bank deposits, stocks/shares and business value etc)
b) Invest minimum of C $ 250,000 in your own business in New Brunswick within the 2 years of landing in Canada as an Permanent Residence.
c) Have at minimum of three years of management experience within the last five years either running your own Business or Managing an enterprise at the Senior executive level.
d) Make exploratory trip to New Brunswick for minimum of 5 business day within the last 24 months prior to submission of EOI.
e) Make a security deposit of C $ 100,000 and sign a performance guarantee bond. $ 100,000 is returned back after satisfying the term and conditions mentioned in the performance guarantee bond.

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