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Bulgaria Fast-Track Citizenship Program

The Bulgaria Fast-Track Citizenship Program allows an applicant to obtain permanent residence in 3-4 months, and full Bulgarian “EU” citizenship within 20-24 months, for just €260,000 (one-time “walk away” financing option), plus €50,000 in legal, due diligence, government, and apartment rental fees. Bulgarian citizenship will allow the applicant and his/her family to live, work, and study anywhere in Europe.

Benefits of the Program:

1. Citizens have visa-free access to approximately 142 countries and territories, including Canada and Europe.
2. There are no restrictions on nationalities (all foreign nationalities may apply).v 3. The financing is non-recourse to the principal applicant, and he/she has no personal liability to repay any portion of the loan.
4. Bulgaria allows dual/multiple citizenship and has one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union, and a free-trade environment.
5. There is no minimum requirement for age, education, language and management experience.

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