Canadian Immigration Consultants

Canada welcomes successful Business owners and Senior Management level individuals seeking Canadian permanent immigration leading to Canadian citizenship and Passport. Canada seeks to attract investment from wealthy individuals and granting permanent residency status to foreign individuals.

To be eligible under the Business Nominee Program for most of the provinces, the Applicant must;

a) Have legally accumulated net-worth exceeding C$ 600,000 (Net-worth means everything applicant and spouse own, such as properties, business, bank deposits, stock and shares anywhere in the world).
b) Have at minimum of three years of management experience either running your own business or managing an enterprise at the executive level.
c) Make minimum Investment of C$ 250,000 in a new or existing business in the province within two years of landing in on a work-permit

Eligibility Assessment - Provincial Business Nominee Program

Exploratory visits to the province is not mandatory in all cases. However, interested applicants are encouraged to undertake the visit one year prior to submitting to EOI. Prior visit enhances an EOI candidate’s chances of being selected to receive an invitation to apply.