Inviting family members and relatives from another country

Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement allows people to migrate to Canada under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). Under this agreement, the Province of Manitoba can recruit best individuals appropriate for the economic growth of Manitoba and nominate for immigration. Using this program you'll be able to unit with your relatives and friends.

Two streams in MPNP

Under the MPNP, individuals can have two streams, the Business Investors, and Skilled Workers immigration program. Individuals who are planning to stay in Manitoba along with their dependent family members, willing to invest in new or existing business and involve directly in the business shall have the nomination only under MPNP-B stream.

Assessment of MPNP-B application

Assessment of MPNP-B application will be strictly on factors related to eligibility criteria. Even though eligibility is the only criteria for cracking the immigration requirement, the minimum eligibility does not offer any assurance for immigration nomination. Primary consideration will give to applicants who have the potential to become a successful entrepreneur in Manitoba. Issuance of Permanent Residence (PR) Visa is the sole discretion of IRCC. The immigration aspirant will have to undergo long PR process, and as part of this, the IRCC will evaluate the file, conduct security, and health check. Sometimes, the aspirant may have to appear for an interview too. Further, MPNP-B can any time withdraw the nomination before the PR Visa finalized.

Do you want your friend or relative to immigrate?

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