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The Pathway is specifically designed for Business people who wish to own and operate their own business in Canada, without any conditions and apply for Permanent Residency in the quickest way possible. The principal purpose of this category is to provide a facilitated route through which foreign nationals can enter the country to run their business.

Canada is the logical choice as the setting for embarking upon a new business venture or expanding an existing business. The favorable economic climate, the work ethic of the people, and the diversity of the population are all factors that contribute to making Canada an ideal environment in which to operate a business.

What is the Owner/Operator LMIA and why it is important for PR applications?

This category is for foreign nationals who wish to establish or purchase a business in Canada, and want to work in that business in a high-skilled position, often with the aim of immigrating permanently. Owner/Operator LMIAs for senior management positions generate a substantially better chance for that person to permanently immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program by increasing their CRS Score by 200.

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  • Intent to operate a business in Canada with majority ownership (51% - 100%).
  • Highest position in the company (i.e. CEO, co-owner, etc.) and cannot be fired.
  • Will be actively involved in business processes/service delivery in Canada.
  • Create jobs and/or show skill transference to Canadians.
  • Must provide proof that the business can support hiring the applicant (i.e. that the applicant has the funds to operate the business), and that goods or services are provided in Canada.
  • Can purchase an existing business or start a new one.
  • Find a desirable existing business or location/lease to start a new business.
  • Complete the LMIA application and submit to ESDC "Service Canada", including legal attestations and/or tax documentation obtained in Step 1.
  • Prepare for an interview with Service Canada regarding the details of the application.
  • After receiving a positive result, apply for a work permit, or if eligible for Permanent Residency through Express Entry.
  • Depending on the eligibility for PR through an immigration program, apply immediately (EE) after receiving the positive LMIA, or wait to apply (PNP) after working for 1-2 years.
TIMELINE: Process Duration
LMIA processing time (expedited in brackets) 60-90 days (10 days if expedited)
Permanent Residency Application 6-8 months
Total: 8-10 months (6 months if expedited)
What Services we will provide:
  • Assess the Client's eligibility for the LMIA Owner Operator and advice the Client with respect to Service Canada.
  • Collate and process Client documents and complete all necessary application forms for submission, including creation of a business plan and help organize the purchase an existing business.
  • Canadian Business Registration.
  • Guide the Client through the process of obtaining documents at the appropriate stages.
  • Ensure completeness and accuracy of the application package and submit to Service Canada Processing Center.
  • Prepare the Client for interviews in the later stages of application, if one is requested.
  • Create and submit an online profile ("Express Entry") for the Client upon receiving a positive LMIA.
  • Prepare and submit the PR application upon receiving the invitation to apply (ITA).