The Investor Program is geared towards individuals with high net-worth interested in investing with Province of Quebec and obtaining Permanent Residency leading to the Canadian Citizenship & Passport.

Most provinces and territories in Canada can nominate immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These immigrants must have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Business is a component of an existing immigration program that was created through an agreement between the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba.

How Canreach Helps You

Canada Welcomes You, Canreach Opens The Door

The immigration process can be challenging for applicants, especially since the Canadian Immigration system is constantly being changed and modified. Fortunately, Canreach can help.

Eligibility test for Canada Immigration We offer a comprehensive eligibility assessment and help to identify all of your Canadian Immigration options. Our experts will also offer advice on the Canadian Job Market and assist you with your settlement plan.
Clients for Canadian Immigration Visa We will be working with you to prepare each and every document required to complete your application and ensure that the documents submitted meet all of the requirements set out by CIC and/or provincial authorities.
Experts in Immigration to Canada Our consultants offer the most expert advice and professional services. At Canreach we know exactly what our clients need to be successful applicants. Avoid mistakes and penalties, hire a professional to represent you.
Our Immigration Consultants are Members of
The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

Canreach is dedicated to helping our clients whenever they need it. We provide a number of contact solutions for individuals hoping to begin their immigration process as well as for those who have already begun.

Canreach takes pride in helping individuals and families all over the world successfully immigrate to Canada. Each one of our team members is fully dedicating in providing the highest quality of immigration services and to strives to be a valuable resource every step of the way. Let us assist you in making your Canadian dream a reality!

Jag Farmaha
Founder and President

About Canreach

For nearly two decades Canreach Immigration has been assisting hundreds of people around the world immigrate to Canada. Canreach is globally recognized as one of the top immigration companies operating out of Canada.

Living in Canada

Canada is a very safe and secure country, rich with opportunity. Along with providing the highest standard of living it the world, Canada is home to a world renowned public health and education system. It is no surprise that Canadian citizenship is sought globally, especially by those hoping to enhance the quality of their family's life.

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